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riends and visitors,


Welcome to the official bio site of Junior deSouza. The site catalogs and summarizes his athletics and ministry, partitioned into specific pages of interest, getting you to the point easily and quickly through the menu below. 

Many visitors come here to explore Junior's profoundly fruitful ministry. At the Speaker page you will find brief summaries, a pictorial overview of his work (with notes and comments from Junior himself), and links to his visional, actional, and doctrinal statements. All his speaking videos, TV/radio interviews, articles, mini-books, books, and other resources can be found at Junior's Warehouse.

As much as possible Junior tries to stay touchable and reachable and answer all emails personally. Feel free to send him a note through the Contact page. May your visit inspire you greatly towards your own God-given design and fruitfulness.

Junior deSouza Ministries

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