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Many of you want to know when Junior makes new material available, such as an article, book, TV interview, pics, etc. This is the place! Whatever is new and now regarding Junior's activity will be posted here. (Notifications of new quotes and leadership bits will not be posted here. Please go directly to those pages.)

Articles, Books, etc.

New book: Discover Your Calling. Available at JDM Books

New fitness article: I have been frustrated trying to grow my lats and back muscles, what do I need to do to get better results? Can you share what you do for your back? Available at Model page

New book: Prayer Manual: Seeking God In Prayer. Available at
JDM Books


New book: Anointed Communication: Logic, Rhetoric, Dialectic. Available at JDM Books 

New book: New Testament Prophecy: Healthy, Mature Prophetic Ministry in the Church. Available at JDM Books

New fitness article: With so many eating fads and eating plans out there, which diet is the best in your opinion? What about counting calories? Can you share specifically what and how you eat?
Available at
Model page


New fitness article: How do I get fit and stay fit without getting burnout, stuck on plateaus, or injured? Available at Model page

New article: Are There Any Good Listeners Left? Available only to
JDM mailing list (free) or JDM Warehouse subscribers

New book: Predestination-Freewill Dyspepsia. Available at
 JDM Books

Media, Pics, etc.

Ministry collage from 2019-Present.


Personal collage from 2019-Present.


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