Junior's experiences in soccer gave opportunity and form to another lifelong passion: fitness modeling. He believes the body, with its astounding capabilities for health, beauty, and performance, should be maximized in appreciation for the Creator who designed it. He occasionally weaves this into his ministry, where he encounters many Christians who have become imbalanced and unhealthy in their daily habits.

Junior has been a personal trainer since his teens, helping scores of people cherish their bodies as gifts. His specialty is coaching competitive athletes, advanced exercisists, and aspiring fitness models. Via his own successful soccer and bodysculpting journey, he has learned well the dietary, training, and lifestyle calibrations needed to be truly elite.

When not speaking or playing soccer, Junior engages fitness media, modeling for websites, conducting fitness interviews or tutorials, or simply modeling for fitness pictures that decorate gyms (sample below). To book Junior for your fitness media, please use Contact page.

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