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"The boxer will always beat the brawler. The boxer will always beat the puncher. Undisciplined intensity and landing the perfect shot will always be inferior to the disciplined, conditioned, skilled, well-defended boxer who can dance for fifteen rounds. Perceive the parable." (1/22)

"Regression to the mean is a fancy way to say that, over time or repeated instances, things return (regress) to the norm, the average, the unexceptional. To statisticians, this is a statistical phenomenon, to students of human behavior, this is a subconscious instinct to preserve group norms or remain in the in-group. However one explains the phenomenon, there is no doubt there are far more one-hit wonders and one-time champions than consistent, longterm pioneers, innovators, champions, dynasties, exceptionalists, and standouts. The former only requires that one flow with the constant undertow of mediocrity and conformity, the latter requires that one constantly live as a frontiersman, always exploring, always discovering, often pushing limits, often doing what is scary, refusing to drift back to the overpopulated, unrewarded mean." (1/13)

"Every rigid masculine has a soft underbelly. That is why, like an alligator, he keeps it concealed, pressed to the ground, giving the illusion it does not exist. Engage him head-on and you will be met by eighty teeth an inch long. Engage him from over him and you will be met by a concrete covering. Get to his soft underbelly and engage him from there and you will induce tonic immobility." (1/4)

"New Year's resolutions are astonishingly silly--as if a new year, as if a changing of the date from 12/31 to 1/1, brings with it any magical change in the deeper emotional and attitudinal substructure that determines one's reality. Existential nip-tucks and cute commitments in January fade by spring (the time of year of peak depression and suicide), again revealing the same old personality framework that can only change by a rigorous, yearlong, year-after-year transformation process at foundational depths inside." (12/26/19)

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