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Quotes Archive, 2017

"Recognize and act on significant moments. Moments create motion, motion creates momentum, momentum creates velocity, velocity creates breakthrough. Too many Christians seek breakthrough without velocity or momentum or motion, which all begin with acted-on moments." (12/22)

"Isn't it sinister that people sometimes hate, reject, fight, or punish the very thing their heart needs most? The human heart wants to win, not need." (12/12)

"Know when to break tendency. Habits and go-tos are for steady building, but sharp changes in direction and risky innovations are for breakthroughs and checkmates." (12/1)

"Many western Christian leaders are not preachers, they are populists, like Hananiah, or gutless, like Pilate. Telling people what their lower selves want to hear, or tiptoeing around diseased ecclesiastical structures, disqualify you from a remnant of spiritual special forces and instinctive reformers that deserve that title." (11/24)

"The average person is heuristic: living by mental shortcuts, rules of dumb (I mean thumb), incomplete clues, guesstimates, previous experiences, the salient over the subtle, family schemas, and so on. That is why they are an average person." (11/15)

"The greatest and most accurate prophet is history. There is nothing new under the sun, only present tense forms and nuances. The intuitive historian absorbs a prophetic understanding that alone can bridge what was, is, and is to come." (11/9)

"In relationships, beware of counterfeit compatibility based on complementary dysfunctions. A blind man carrying a lame man who can see only seems to fit." (11/3)

"Overcome the fascination-boredom polarity; few things are truly that fascinating and few things are truly that boring. Life more abundantly is in the creative middle." (10/5)

"Don't let memory be obscured by memorial. Ceremony, even celebration, can block us from feeling what we need to feel to heal." (9/21)

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