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Quotes Archive, 2023

"Don't throw up in your mouth, then swallow. Say what you need to say to precisely who you need to say it to." (1/12)

"In general, we do not attract to our life what we desire or need, we attract what we expect and we expect what we imagine and we imagine what our emotional history makes us imagine. This is why many people find themselves in the same situations over and over and over, though they recognize and abhor it, though they try to do differently. Up high in their mind they imagine it, deep down in their gut they feel it and expect it. The world within creates the world without.
    You can interrupt the inner cycle at either end: up high in the mind or deep down in the heart or both simultaneously for a faster transformation. Daydream-pray about God's values, mechanisms, and commensurate outcomes, as Philippians 4:8 says, and your heart's gut-level expectations will progressively reconfigure Godward. The imagination must be given a new channel to watch for the heart to presuppose new outcomes. Address and dig out and heal the diseased deeper issues fueling your heart's troubled expectations; that deep inner plowing will illuminate your mind with new visions and mental TV channels." (11/19/22)


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