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As a toddler and throughout childhood, Junior insisted on always having a notebook with him (pic below). Often he would simply scribble and doodle and draw. However, at other times he would write new words he learned, phrases that stuck in mind, and eventually, poems and short stories. He continued this amusing notebook neurosis through adolescence and early adulthood, filling up endless dozens of notebooks with interesting words, phrases, quotes, insights, explanations, proto-books, and writings of all kinds. Well, now we know why.


                       Junior's Writings

Junior's quotes, articles, books, manuals, and other writings have become a cherished hallmark of his ministry. His writings are regularly consulted for personal growth, leadership training, Christian education, the writings of others, and sermons in the U.S. and around the world. They have prompted radio and TV interviews and continual speaking invites. Junior also helps other writers and speakers as a coach or editor.

All Junior's writings can be found at the JDM Warehouse:

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