Junior deSouza


Junior's work has attracted the interest of television and radio. The intriguing mix of high caliber athletics with solid ministry has led to growing interest in him for interviews, live speaking, and fitness media. He is currently preparing his own television program, and his radio program is being redeveloped. Below is a pictorial sample of his interviews; they can be watched fully at Junior's Warehouse. To book Junior for your media program, please use the Contact page.

El Paso, TX
United With Christ, KCSE TV 38
October 6, 11am

El Paso TX, KSCE TV 38, United With Christ

Los Angeles CA, Promise Land Living


Las Cruces NM, Voices In The Wilderness TV

Los Angeles CA, The Last Days


Atlanta GA, WATC TV 57, Atlanta Live

Pensacola FL, with Melanie Joy of Nourished in Eden


Ocala FL, WOCA 96.3FM & 1370AM, The Source

Chicago IL, Voices In The Wilderness TV