Junior deSouza


1996, Age 17


Junior spoke for the first time at age seventeen, at a pool party for his church's youth and children
ministry. Further invitations slowly trickled in from other groups, including Fellowship of Christian Athletes and churches in the immediate region. By his early to mid-twenties he had grown into a sought after speaker across the Southeast U.S. Today he speaks nationally to Christian organizations, Bible-believing churches of all denominations, and on radio and television.

Junior has also pastored during off-time or pauses in his athletic career. He interim pastored two Baptist congregations and pastored a non-denominational Charismatic plant. These unusual and
diverse pastoral stints were providential and critical to his personal and ministerial development. The resulting fruit was a broader, more accurate kingdom mentality; a stronger Ephesians 4:1-16
approach; and greater empathy and wisdom in his support for vocational pastors.

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any words could be used to describe Junior's speaking. However, he himself often uses one word: grateful. Grateful to be born-again and enjoy a lifegiving, lifechanging friendship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Grateful to make a practical contribution to His glory and kingdom. Grateful to be able to love, inspire, educate, transform, and create with the wonder that is anointed communication.



erhaps the most powerful aspect of Junior's speaking times is when he prays for people, individually and corporately. At times he will share a Spirit-prompted message within or alongside these intercessions. It is often noted that these moments of blessed intercession, in the conscious presence of the Lord, bring confirmation or transformation in an extraordinary, sometimes unprecedented, way. (Above) Moments of individual and corporate intercession.



unior also coaches and equips developing communicators and other types of leaders. This is done most often through small "Mount of Olives" home meetings in which apprentices can ask questions, share freely, dialogue in-depth, practice their gifted craft in a safe environment, and so on. Individualized follow-up spins off naturally and supernaturally from these profoundly productive meetings. (Above) A few pictures from these leadership development times.