Junior deSouza


1996, Age 17


Junior spoke for the very first time at the age of seventeen (left). The venue was a pool party for his church's youth and children's ministry. Invitations to speak slowly trickled in from other groups, including Fellowship of Christian Athletes and churches in the immediate region. By his early to mid-twenties he had grown into a sought after speaker for churches and Christian organizations across the Southeast. Today he speaks nationally to Christian groups, Bible-believing churches of all denominations, on radio and television.

Junior has also pastored during off-time or pauses in his athletic career. He interim pastored two Southern Baptist congregations and pastored a non-denominational Charismatic plant. He feels this unusual pastoral experience was providential and critical to his personal and ministerial development. The fruit was a broader, more accurate kingdom mentality; a stronger Ephesians 4:1-16 approach; and greater empathy and wisdom in his support for vocational pastors.

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One of Junior's most consistent messages is spiritual growth. He is keen on the fact that a Me-centered entitlement current has influenced many Western Christians and their spirituality. The result has been
stunted or non-existent spiritual development, 
consequently, masses of Christians still novice or adolescent in Christ.

   Undoing this powerful cultural undercurrent in the Western church is difficult, but absolutely Biblical, even prophetic. It is the burden of the Lord. He is maturing His people, and that maturation begins, resumes, or speeds up with Spirit-empowered messages from leaders who model and emphasize this maturity.

Junior's most personal message, The Seven Purposes of the Wilderness, is also his most popular and most requested. In recent years he has spoken this message in multiple media interviews and churches. Christians constantly report that it explains the deserts of their life
for the very first time, and how to exit them God's way.

Junior serves as a coach for developing teachers and preachers. He uses three simple points: (1) the man, (2) the might, and (3) the mechanics.
   The man/woman must live daily in proactive intimacy
and obedience with the Lord. This daily cornerstone
must be firmly established in the ministering man or woman. Second, 
the might or manifest power of the Holy Spirit is developed. The speaker is shepherded in how to depend consistently on the Spirit's oral grace, not human talent. Third, the mechanics or practicalities of anointed communication are developed, such as Biblical proficiency, theological accuracy, preparation,
vocabulary, audience, and so on.