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On Organizational Growth:

Growth in a church or organization is a blessing and challenge. The creeping eventuality is the fragmentation of once-cohesive departments into overly autonomous units. Overautonomy disconnects the departments from the visional, strategical, and cultural center (the apex leaders), and also disconnects them from one another. There are ways to counteract this, some intuitive (improvisation, situation-specific creativity) and some non-intuitive (structural, cultural).
    A non-intuitive tactic is to bind the apex leaders and department leaders, and possibly unofficial influencers, into a tight(er) team. Strengthen and deepen
 the neural connections from the brain to the nervous system. The apostle Paul was phenomenal at nervous system techniques.
    Similarly, the nervous system must have stronger and deeper connections to the brain. Department leaders and unofficial influencers must have some degree of voice in the vision, strategy, and culture of the organization. After all, they are the boots on the ground interfacing with actuality and insular variables.