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On Mirror-Hunger & Ideal-Hunger:

Do you see the group or individuals you lead as real and felt extensions of yourself, as your Mini-Me? Do you invest superfluous happiness in their success, and superfluous sorrow in their failure or struggle? We should care sincerely and invest our hearts in our leadership cause, but we cannot overinvest and try to create a Mini-Me. Beware this "hunger for a mirror" to reaffirm your self-esteem or medicate broken places inside you.
    Adding to the temptation, some or many of your followers "hunger for an ideal", propping you up as a transcendent figure or exemplar of whatever they feel they lack (power, beauty, intelligence, privilege, etc.). When ideal-hunger and mirror-hunger meet unmitigated, dangerous movements form and hubris-nemesis leaders emerge. You cannot control people's ideal-hunger, but you can control and be sanctified of your mirror-hunger. Keep cleansing and maturing your internal world, and maintain clear limits of what your followers can expect of you.