Junior deSouza


In the last few years Junior has been increasingly sought for leadership training. While many of these are ministerial or church-related, he has also helped communicators, sports coaches, developing business leaders, even teachers and doctoral candidates, in some of the most nuanced and often overlooked ways.  

When doing multi-person leadership development, Junior loves to use small "Mount of Olives" home meetings. These relaxed, candid environments compel leaders to ask questions, share freely, dialogue in-depth, develop interleader intimacy, and practice their gifted craft in a nurturant, but guided, environment. Individualized follow-up spins off naturally and supernaturally from these profoundly productive meetings. See below for a few pictures from these equipping times.

A growing number of leaders have expressed interest in a regular quote, or brief commentary or devotional, from Junior on leadership. In response, this page is for you! (All content here and sitewide is the intellectual and copyright property of JDM. All rights reserved.)

On Chronoception:

A leader must have a balanced and thorough relationship with past, present, and future. A past chronoception (time perception, time orientation) fixates on former realities and experiences; it is unable to fully perceive what is or what could be. A present chronoception fixates on right-now realities and responsibilities; it is unable to fully perceive the meaning and utility of what was or the subtleties of what could be. A future chronoception fixates on potential realities and visions; it is unable to fully perceive the meaning and utility of what was or the need for strategy and industriousness with what is.
    To redeem the full spectrum of time, you will have to be a leader who was and is and is to come, a leader with a balanced, thorough, dexterous relationship with past, present, and future. Your chronoception must be trinitarian, synchronizing all three dimensions into a unified forward movement.