Junior deSouza


Oh the About page, the most narcissistic page on any website. Here we get to talk about ourselves gushingly, but using
third person pronouns to act like we didn't write every single word ourselves. Ha! Well, I'm cutting through the pretense and
telling you about myself plainly
. I realize I am a public person, and the rest of this site details my professional life, so this is a sincere first date with you based on attributes--not activities, abilities, or accomplishments. I had a few loved ones come up with five or six words to describe me. Most of them said the same thing.

                                                                 - Junior


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At 14 years old I repented of my sins and trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Everything. Easter 2017 was twenty-four years of knowing my Lord, learning His
ways and building a life on that born-again foundation. Life in Christ has not been tidy or Clorox clean, but it has been supernatural, transformative, and even more
wondrous than I initially imagined.


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My close loved ones, rather quickly, described me as silly, playful, fun, goofy, jovial, or happy. People and life are really really really funny if you are observant and tune in to every moment with a lightheartedness. Irony and sarcasm are everywhere. The worst funny bone for me is a boring church service. I start noticing anything and everything hilarious about anyone and everyone.


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My relationships also pinned me as fierce, intense, bold, fearless, strong, or determined. This comes from a rich, daily experience with the Lion of Judah. There is a ferocity to Jesus that one is conformed to by bonding
with Him over time. Overcoming deeply-rooted fears in my early to mid twenties also released new strength and intensity in this regard.


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Maybe this is from growing up with Golden Retriever puppies? Just kidding. I'm sure nature and nurture are both responsible. How sad that more men are not affectionate! Being cold and frozen physically is not strong or manly. Affection and expressed warmth are
ubiquitous gateways to intimacy and fulfillment. 


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After a very difficult early adulthood personally, I began appreciating the adventure of my existence much more. I fell in love with newness, second chances, uncertainty, healthy risk, edgy experiences, raw humanity, even levels of discomfort that brought greater illumination into myself, my Lord, and life in general.


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I think anyone can be interesting if you can elicit a conversation or experience with their deeper self, bypassing looks and status and social personality or any
other superficial connection point we often look to. In recent years I've balanced my social butterflyness with a bit more contemplation and seclusion.